The Department of Justice is not expected to publish formal rules until 2018, but financial institutions are still vulnerable to legal action if they are not in full compliance with the American Disability Act and Web Accessibility.

Will Rodgers of Q2 will guides us through the details about recent legal news, the compromises that your institution may face while you wait to make your website accessible, the basic needs to be compliant, and where to even begin.

Our agenda includes:
  • Web Accessibility and what your team needs to know
  • ADA and the Law
  • Compromises that you may face while making your site accessible
Excellent presentation for both new and experienced ACH professionals as well as those involved in compliance, risk management, and senior management. Thank you!Senior Vice President, Bank, 100-249M assets
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About the speakers

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Will Rodgers Will brings more than 16 years of experience in web design and development within the financial services space. A veteran of several Hank Seale companies, including ...
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